What is AWS and what solution do they offer?

The launch of Amazon web services is really a game-changer. There are so many companies that are totally dependent on AWS. In this article, you are going to know what AWS is and the solution are they offering? This article is going to be narrated as a story for a better understanding. 

Let’s start a company

Let’s assume we are in the year 2000 now and we are planning to build a start-up company similar to Netflix. So we are hiring a development team, testing team, DevOps team, etc. Also, we need office space. We designed a prototype and the development is complete. And now we have a problem. How are we going to host it so that actual people can use it? 

First success and Failure

We need a server room which will contain many hardware (imagine many CPUs are connected together as one computer). The installation of these will at least take a week. After all those painful processes and testing we finally hosted our website. People started using it and we are starting to get positive responses. Our website started to get more traffic and that’s where another problem began. OUR APPLICATION CRASHED!!

Since there was more traffic our server was not able to handle it. So in order to resolve it we are adding more hardware in our server room. We have a person to monitor the traffic in order to scale up or scale down. Even Though our application is live and more people are using it we are still worried about whether our application could withstand sudden heavy traffic


In 2006 Amazon came up with a revolutionary product – AMAZON WEB SERVICES. The solution they provided is simple. Our server room will be managed with them so we need not worry about server handling and concentrate on product development. We are over the moon and starting to migrate our product into AWS. The service in AWS that is going to host our website is known as EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute). If we have the credential and permissions then we will be able to connect to the server using our machine. Since we entered the AWS environment we started using their other services like S3 to store the videos, dynamoDB for customer information, and AWS Lambda for backend code. So now our application is completely serverless. 


AWS paved the way for many startup companies to come into the market. They literally have almost every service that is required for most of the software development. Even Though there are many other cloud services like Google cloud and Microsoft Azure, AWS wins by a fair margin.

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