How to learn any programming language from scratch?

Learning a new programming language or any technology, in general, is considered a tough job. The major reason is that we have to come out of our comfort zone. In this article, I have given helpful tips which can help you learn any technology from scratch.


Most people procrastinate and plan to start on a day that never comes. Be honest to yourself and train your brain there is never a tomorrow. Everyone should have experienced this in their lifetime at least once.


Once you start learning a new technology, it is natural that you would not understand a thing during the initial stage. At this stage, one person is going to quit and the other is going to hang in there until everything makes sense. Even if you do not understand anything if you keep seeing the same thing every single day you are going to get used to the terms. That will push you to the next topics and it only gets better. And that’s how everyone would have learned it.


There is no skipping this process. Nothing can give you confidence other than a hands-on project. During the starting stage don’t try to be innovative even if you have a good idea. Try to reinvent whichever is done already. If you don’t understand it, keep doing that project again from scratch and try to remove or change some codes from it. Let’s say if you have done 10 projects then surely you can do new projects which can be an inspiration from all other projects. After this stage, you can try to innovate and make justice to your ideas.


This is one of the major mistakes most beginners make. Never try to learn any technology from A to Z. The reason is simple. You are never going to use most of the features that technology/programming language has to offer. Also, you are going to forget it anyway soon. So, have a task on your mind and learn topics related to it. Nowadays, most topics are just one google search away.


This may sound weird but it will actually help you to stay excited to work the next day. Never take a rest when you are tired because you are losing momentum by doing so. Being energetic will help you stay awake and concentrated. 

The above mentioned steps are something that I learned from my experience as a programmer. Following these steps has made a huge difference personally. 

Happy Programming!!

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