Unraveling an Intriguing AWS Lambda Quirk: A Deep Dive into Unusual Behavior

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AWS DMS Connection Timeout Error When SQL Server Is Used As Source Database – Solution

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Google calendar automation using python

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5 Tips for Learning AWS as a beginner

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Retain Session Data After Session Is Closed Or Store User Data In Alexa Skill Using Python In AWS DynamoDB- Persistent Attributes In Alexa

In order to make your Alexa skill more interactive it is necessary to save user information to make the skill smarter. An ideal example would be to store the score the user got after his / her game. You can use this information to let the user know his personal best. In this blog, I … Read more

SOLVED – SQL Server CDC Logs Query Using “fn_dblog” Runs Forever

Recently we ran into an issue where SQL Server CDC logs query was not returning any results and was running forever. A few days prior to that we enabled CDC on the database level as well as table level (for all tables). Also, we set the polling interval in sys.sp_cdc_change_job as 1 day. Consequently, CDC … Read more

Store session data in Alexa skill using python – Session Attributes in Alexa Skill Kit

Almost every Alexa skill requires a back-and-forth interaction with the user in order to make the skill more lively and interactive. In order to achieve this Amazon provides us feature called session attributes. So in this blog, I am going to talk about session attributes and give a code snippet using python. If you are … Read more

How to create a simple Quiz bot using Amazon LEX and AWS lambda (python)

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The ultimate guide for migrating Microsoft SQL server to Aurora Postgres using AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

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